The Difference Between Employee Benefits and Workers Compensation

Although the terms and concepts may seem similar in theory, employee benefits and workers compensation are largely different. Both are essential for businesses of any kind.


Employee benefits are “perks” provided by an employer that is an addition to employees’ salaried income. A few common employee benefits include: paid vacation days, personal leave, fringe benefits (bonuses not tied to performance, tuition assistance, etc.), retirement benefits and health/disability/life insurance among others.

Whether your business operates as a garden center, greenhouse, nursery, floral shop – or if you’re a horticultural business on-the-move – offering employee benefits will position your business to be competitive in the job market.

Employee benefits help companies retain employees in addition to enhancing the relationship between employer and employee. It is important to note that employee benefits packages will vary by business. Thus, it is in the best interest of any employer to take the time to sit down with an insurance company and consider all options.


By definition, workers compensation is a system of insurance – that by law – requires an employer to pay or provide insurance to supplement lost wages and/or medical expenses of an employee who has been injured in the workplace.Employee Benefits, Workers Compensation

Workers compensation was designed to help employees maintain their basic rights of protection without the need for litigation. Workers compensation for employees is required by all states in the U.S. but will vary by state. In the past, a workers compensation plan was voluntary for businesses. However, several companies still felt it was necessary to instill a policy to protect their business from lawsuits that could potentially hurt them financially. Most of today’s businesses (per written law) are in compliance with state regulations of workers compensation laws.

Your business may already be covered with greenhouse insurance, nursery insurance and/or garden center insurance, but is your company in compliance with workers compensation laws?

For more information on employee benefits and workers compensation, our professionals at Hortica Insurance & Employee Benefits have the tools and guidance to help keep you informed. Contact us today!

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